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Water Bottle - Mots Doux à ma Chérie

Water Bottle - Mots Doux à ma Chérie

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B Grade = bows are not aligned or minor print damage (view pictures)

Mots Doux à ma Chérie is our collection for true romantics that combines shōwa era manga style, vintage Valentine's aesthetics, and a sakura theme, resulting in a sweet-as-candy romantic retro print.

Whether you are going on a Valentine’s Day date, having a cherry blossom picnic or simply feeling all lovey-dovey and cute, our Mots Doux à ma Chérie water bottle is the perfect accessory for the occasion.

This pink water bottle is decorated with Valentina, Aimée and Aiko, the sweet vintage manga girls from the dress print, made from BPA-free plastic, and can carry 500 ml of water, strawberry milk, matcha, or whichever drink you enjoy the most on an adventure out, or during a well-deserved break.

To preserve the print on your water bottle, it is recommended to wash it by hand!

Safety warnings:

  • Do not use to store carbonated drinks (the resulting pressure might make the bottle explode!)
  • Do not fill with lemon drinks (the acid might erode the plastic, making your drink unsafe)
  • Do not drop onto hard surfaces, especially when filled, as the fragile material might crack or break
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