About Us

Fluffy Tori is all about Kawaii and Lolita fashion.

Brand owner Joëlle (aka Fluffy Kawaii Jo) from Switzerland, the designer Mezzo from Germany and marketing community manager Edan from France work together to create fashion, accessories and stationery that will make you feel happy and kawaii as fluff.

We create everything from our super popular enamel pins, stickers and jewelry up to dresses, sweaters and shoes in every size. Usually featuring pastel colors, cute and magical little creatures and bright and cheerful themes that will put a smile on the face of anyone wearing them. Occasionally, we also dip into more sophisticated Classic and Gothic Lolita themes or create some pop culture inspired items, because we firmly believe that anyone can be a magical fairy princess and a total nerd at the same time. 


Joëlle - Owner


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Mezzo - Designer


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Edan - Marketing + Community Manager

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