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Fluffy Tori

Rainbow Platform Boots

Rainbow Platform Boots

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MADE TO ORDER - These shoes will ship about 2-3 months after being ordered

Our Rainbow Parade collection is celebrating diversity in all of its shapes and forms – love yourself and live the kawaii life of your dreams,  not despite being 'different', but because of the beauty of it. 

Our Rainbow Platform Boots might just be the most magical pair of shoes out there since Dorothy's ruby slippers.

In fact, they come with the guarantee that you'll be somewhere over the rainbow (or, to be precise, right above the rainbow) 100% of the time you're wearing them. 

They feature a comfy, 6 cm rainbow color platform, super cute scallop borders with heart cut-outs, a heart-shaped zipper charm, as well as decorative crystal heart buttons that shine in all colors of the rainbow on the front. 

The top part of the boots comes in either black or white vegan leather. 

These boots are the perfect match not only for the Rainbow Parade JSK and skirt, but for any pastel-colored or rainbow-themed coord, adding an extra sprinkle of love and magic to your every outfit.

Contact us for sizes under 35 and over 42, for specific colorway, closures or customization.

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