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Fluffy Tori

OP Sweet Chocolate Journey

OP Sweet Chocolate Journey

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Lolita Colors

Ever dreamed of finding one of those Golden Tickets and having the chance of spending a day in Willy Wonka's World of Pure Imagination? With our Sweet Chocolate Journey collection you can!

The print features an enchanted candy land that has been inspired by Willy Wonka's chocolate room as well as the world of Disney's Sugar Rush. Wouldn't it be scrumdiddlyumptious to wander through the candy grass along that delicious chocolate river and try a bit of those marshmallow mushrooms, Fluffy T-Oreos, lollipops and swirly toffees while admiring the starry sky and that sugarcoated crescent moon?

This vintage-style OP dress with a Peter Pan collar has been inspired by that of darling little Veruca Salt from the original Willy Wonka movie. So, no guarantees, but chances are people might fulfill your every wish while you're wearing it, be it cream buns and donuts, a Golden Goose or a trained Squirrel. Like all of our dresses and skirts, it has practical pockets where you can keep your favourite candy, a pocket watch or anything else you might find useful during your journey.

Fluffy Tori strongly recommends to brush your teeth after wearing items from this collection. Or at least have some chewing gum.

Just not the blueberry-flavoured one. You have been warned...


Please note:

Product photos show our production samples. Minor differences from the final product are possible.

The product photos showing the 'night version' of the print show an earlier color variant (dark blue sky), which we decided to change into one with a lavender sky for the final product. The actual product you are ordering is shown on the picture with the mannequin. You can also see the actual print in the photo comparing the different color versions of the print. All products ordered in the 'night' colorway will use the fabric with a lavender sky.

Material: 150gsm Cotton Twill

Garment measurements in centimeters

Chest 75-92 84-101 93-110
Waist 62-80 71-89 80-98
Length 96 96 99

Custom sizes available

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