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Fluffy Tori

Lucky Pack The COMM: 3 Pins + 1 Sticker

Lucky Pack The COMM: 3 Pins + 1 Sticker

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We proudly present our collection in collaboration with The COMM, the Japanese Street Fashion magazine celebrating the kawaii and colorful world of Harajuku fashion.

If you love J-fashion and The COMM magazine, our polaroid-style pins are the perfect way to express it! With their flashy characters and rainbow-colored backgrounds, they are the perfect statement piece to add to all of your Lolita, Decora or Gyaru ensembles!

This pack includes all items from this collaboration.

1× The COMM  Polaroid Pin's (Pink)

1× The COMM Polaroid Pin's (Green)

1× The COMM Logo Pin's

1× The COMM Sticker Sheet

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