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Fluffy Tori

Lucky Pack Rainbow Parade: 6 Keychains

Lucky Pack Rainbow Parade: 6 Keychains

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Our Rainbow Parade collection is celebrating diversity in all of its shapes and forms – love yourself and live the kawaii life of your dreams, not despite being 'different', but because of the beauty of it.

This pack includes all the 6 keychains from the Rainbow Parade collection.

1× 'Kawaii has No Age limit' Keychain 

1× 'Everyone's Able to be Kawaii' Keychain

1× 'Kawaii runs in the Family' Keychain 

1× 'Kawaii comes in many Sizes' Keychain

1× 'Kawaii comes in many Colors' Keychain

1× 'Feel Kawaii in your own Skin' Keychain


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