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Fluffy Tori

Notepad - Lolita Coord Planner

Notepad - Lolita Coord Planner

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Let's face it: Lolita fashion isn't all fun and skittles – a lot of thought and effort go into planning the perfect coord.

If you wanna make sure that, on the day of the big tea party or that themed meetup you've been looking forward to for months, you won't forget to put on that pin you bought specifically to go with your outfit or – even worse – realize you don't own a pair of socks that'll go with your color theme, our Coord Planner is the right item for you!

Use it to plan and note down every element of your next coord (there's even room to add a drawing to go with it!) so you'll have a handy checklist to use for packing your suitcase or just getting dressed without having to worry about forgetting anything.

Notepad with 25 sheets

Size: 14.8x21 cm (A5)

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