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Fluffy Tori

Fluffy Kawaii Jo Emojams

Fluffy Kawaii Jo Emojams

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emojam lets you send audio animated stickers and GIFs for texting. You can also add audio gifs & stickers to photos, or record videos with free GIFs all-in-one

how to unlock Fluffy Kawaii Jo's exclusive audio gifs?

The 'I love it' on is free for everyone. The 'The Everybody Can Be Kawaii' and 'OMG this is amazing' ones are only available for Fluffy Kawaii Jo's YouTube channel members. Follow the steps below to get them.

step 1: create an account on emojam app

  1. Go to emojam app

  2. Tap thesettings icon at the top left of your screen

  3. Tap sign up or login

  4. Choose Sign in with Google

  5. Choose an account to continue with emojam

Congratulations, you’ve successfully created an account on emojam!!

step 2: verify that your account is linked with youtube

  1. Go to settings or tapin emojam app

  2. Tap manage my account

  3. If you see:

    • your YouTube account is connected, you’re all set!!

    • link with YouTube, it means you need to take one of the following actions:

      • if you’ve signed in with Google: you’d need to create a YouTube channel so you can join a YouTube creator channel, and more.

      • if you’ve signed up using email: tap the sign in with Google button and follow the instructions.

      Once you’ve taken one of those 2 actions, reproduce step 2 to verify that now your account is linked with YouTube. if the problem persists, please contact

step 3: unlock exclusive audio gifs from your favorite youtube creators

  1. Go to the YouTube tab, in emojam extension, or in emojam app. All the exclusive audio GIFs you’ve access to will be automatically unlocked once you’ve completed step 1 and step 2 from the above.

  2. Tap the locked emojam you want to have access to!

  3. You’ll be prompted to join the YouTube creator channel. Tap the join or YouTube button. You’ll be redirected to the YouTube creator page via the browser of your choice (safari, chrome…).

  4. Tap JOIN, and proceed to payment.

    ATTENTION: it takes up to 30 (thirty) minutes to unlock your emojams.

Congratulations, you have now access to exclusive emojam audio GIFs from your favorite YouTube creators and you can start sending them to your friends!!

Have so much fun with emojam!!

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