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Fluffy Tori

Build a Dream Shoe (Angel/Devil)

Build a Dream Shoe (Angel/Devil)

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MADE TO ORDER - These shoes will ship about 2-3 months after being ordered

The "Build a Dream Shoe" design by Karen Whitney is one of the three winners of our first Fluffy Tori shoe design contest.

Whether you are more of an angel or a demon on the inside – this statement piece will make sure everyone who sees you knows immediately!

You will get the full set with all the different snap clips (angel and bat wings) to make your dream shoe match a large variety of coords.

By default, the finish of the material is shiny but you can contact us if you prefer a matte finish. The closures for this design are snaps.

Contact us for sizes under 35 and over 42, for specific colorway, closures or customization.

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