Our owner, Joëlle, really believes that Everybody Can Be Kawaii. She took as a mission to inspire people to go for it and wear what they want to feel happy. Like us here at Fluffy Tori, she believes that there is not limitation of age, weight, gender, skin color or anything to feel kawaii and to be allowed to wear kawaii clothes.

Discover her YouTube channel where she interviews diverse people in the lolita and kawaii community that will surely inspire you.

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She also created a series called Action Lolita where she and her friends go try the craziest activities wearing lolita dresses.

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Check out her new series: Lolitas VS Normies, where she inverts the roles and expose the normies that what they make the lolitas endure.

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Do you wan to see more about the behind the scenes and our unboxings of Fluffy Tori products?

It's on her Instagram stories that you will probably see the first pictures of the new Fluffy Tori products.

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Joëlle aka Fluffy Kawaii Jo is also available as a guest at conventions where she can do conferences, judge fashion competition, host panels and have a vendor table and fashion shows with Fluffy Tori. Feel free to invite her to your event, she LOVES traveling and meeting new people!